Marriage and Eugenics

Marriage and Eugenics

Eugenics is one of the most important areas on which Sri Sri Thakur has laid emphasis from the point of view of having a better society, more evolved human being and a peaceful conjugal life.

Biological wealth of a person sets the foundation on which a person builds his life. It is also necessary to bring about continuous refinement in that biological wealth by following the principles of eugenics.

If we want to breed qualitatively better persons in the society then it is important that proper matching between male and female is done at the time of marriage.

Principles of biology and eugenics need to be followed for having progeny, who would bring about the best out of parents. Selection of partners at the time of marriage plays a very important role. Compatibility from the point of view of health, family tradition, age, educational attainment, aptitudes and the hereditary family groups (i.e., varna) all these need to be carefully seen before choosing partners.

‘Varna’, that is the cultural groupings, helps to indicate the biological and hereditary qualities of a person. Sri Sri Thakur wanted us to maintain the distinctiveness of groupings in a homogeneous way, so that the cultural traits which any particular ‘varna’ represents are maintained in an identifiable way.

Good progeny also need so many other factors, which Sri Sri Thakur has identified and analyzed and has urged every body to follow them. It is important for us to bear in mind that if there is any kind of anomaly that takes place in the stage where the seed of a human being is sown and if that results in an unwanted child, then nothing much can be done to bring about any change in that child’s life.

If we want the society to improve then the first step is to follow the principles of good progeny. It is an esoteric subject, which needs proper exposition and that has not been attempted here. Sri Sri Thakur has given so much emphasis on this, that he has urged his disciples to literally fight it out, if any breach of marriage as per ‘Varna’ does take place in the society. We all mature adults need to understand that marriage is a sacred thing in life and child rearing is a serious business. We need to remind ourselves that we relive life through our children and evolution in human gene takes place through the process of birth passing through heredity.

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