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7 Reson why You have to choose swastimatrimony.com ?

Posted On: 9/17/2018 (IST)

Marriage is one of the most important part of Human life . A worng marriage not only destroy a family but a society also . similarly a perfect marriage make a happy family ,happy environment , society and a good generation . In India there is Hundreds of matrimonial company who are providing Mach Making services. But you have to choose swastimatrimony.com , Why ?


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Bibaha Niti

Posted On: 7/28/2018 (IST)


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Marriage and Eugenics

Posted On: 7/25/2018 (IST)
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When Netaji met with thakur

Posted On: 7/19/2018 (IST)


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Posted On: 6/1/2018 (IST)

Eugenics is one of the most important areas on which Sri Sri Thakur has laid emphasis from the point of view of having a better society, more evolved human being and a peaceful conjugal life.

Biological wealth of a person sets the foundation on which a person builds his life. It is also necessary to bring about continuous refinement in that biological wealth by following the principles of eugenics.

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Marriage fulfils two of a person's main desire

Posted On: 5/27/2018 (IST)

 Sri Sri Thakur Says :
―Marriage fulfils two of a person's main desires:
one for evolution,
the other for good progeny;
a wrong marriage puts a blight on both;
have care
don't think marriage a game,
your life and your procreation
are wrapped up in it.‖
(Narir Niti, Verse no-72)

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Sri Sri Thakur Anakulchandra About Marriage

Posted On: 5/24/2018 (IST)

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Astrology and Timing of Marriage

Posted On: 5/16/2018 (IST)

Marriage is one of the most important events in a person’s life, that’s why nothing in the marriage  is left to chance.The time of marriage is also to be selected properly to ensure that it is auspicious for the person. In this webcast we will try to provide you the information about auspicious timings of marriage.

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